Camping Toilet Tent: Features to Look For

If you’re shopping for a camping toilet tent, you should know that there are lots of different options out there right now. Some are really simple, and others are more complex. Some of the privacy tents on today’s market are of low quality and have almost no special features, while others are built to last and have all sorts of fancy odds and ends that set them apart. The extra features can actually make camping toilet tents more user-friendly, though they’re not always worth paying for. Here are some of the features of these specialized tents that are must-haves and a few others that are nice to have if you can get them.Must-Have Features for any Camping Toilet Tent1. Sturdy Poles: It’s essential that any privacy tent you’re going to use for camping toilets has sturdy poles. This is for two reasons. For one, sturdy poles mean the tent is a better investment because it will last longer and for more camping trips. Also, though, a sturdier tent is less likely to blow over in the wind. Because camping toilet tents are tall and oblong, they may flex and bend easily in the wind, which is not what you want to happen when your portable toilet! A good rule of thumb for tent poles is this: fiberglass is good, and aluminum is better.2. Easy Assembly: It’s one thing to spend an hour putting up your actual sleeping tent that will hold fifteen people and their camping gear. It’s another thing entirely to spend an hour putting up the tent that will just hold your toilet! Look at pop up varieties for the easiest assembly, but definitely read reviews to find a tent that’s simple and quick to put together.3. Ventilation: Trust us, you don’t want a camping toilet tent that has no ventilation, as it will get hot and disgusting inside very quickly. No-see-um mesh windows at the sides or top of the tent are the best option here, though you’ll probably want to be able to close them in case of heavy rains.4. A Large Door: An enclosure with a large door will be easier to get into and out of, so it’s a good thing to look for. Some privacy tents have doors that open all the way to the ground. There’s no extra fabric to step over, which can be convenient when it’s dark for your middle-of-the-night bathroom run when you really don’t want to trip into or out of the toilet tent.Great Extra Features1. Storage Bags Inside: Many tents for camping toilets have interior storage bags that are really convenient. You can put a flashlight, some freshening spray, hand sanitizer, or whatever in the bags. They’re also great for holding toilet paper. It seems like such a small convenience, but when you sit down in your camping toilet tent to do your business, it’ll be a convenience you’ll appreciate.2. Removable Floor: Having a floor that you can leave on or take off is convenient. With the floor on, the tent can double as a shower tent, holding in waste water until you can dispose of it properly and keeping your feet from getting dirty while you’re actually in the shower. With the floor off, you can use the tent over a dug-in latrine or with any number of camping toilets.3. Larger Size: While you don’t want a camping toilet tent that will take up your entire camping space, a larger size can be nice. It can allow parents to help young children use the restroom, or it can act as both a toilet area and a changing area.