How to Lower Automobile Insurance Costs

Every day it seems the cost to maintain and operate your car gets more expensive. With the cost of most new cars in the range of $30,000, monthly payments can be high. The cost of gas is over $3.00 a gallon for regular, at a time when more and more people have to drive farther to get to work. Then, there’s the cost of automobile insurance coverage. Fortunately, the market for automobile insurance is extremely competitive and by doing your homework, you quickly find affordable automobile insurance.The fastest and most effective way to get multiple automobile insurance quotes from insurers in your state is to go online. Websites like provide simple no hassle automobile insurance quotes from a local automobile insurance company. Most automobile insurance companies have sites where you can enter your vehicle information and driving record, and receive an instant quote.To help you find low cost automobile insurance the first thing you can do is consider the amount to pay for deductible. If you can afford to increase your deductible from $300 to $500 or even $1000 you can save a considerable amount on your collision and comprehensive coverage premiums. Paying more out of your pocket in the event of a car accident may seem to defeat the purpose of buying insurance; however when you add up the savings over the years that you are accident free the savings could be considerable.There are several other things you can discuss with potential insurers that may help you to obtain low cost automobile insurance. Does your car have an alarm system? A GPS Locator system? Anti lock brakes? Driver and passenger Air bags? Daytime running lights?Other things that you can do to reduce your automobile insurance premium include keeping your annual mileage low. Also, if you have a student driver let the insurer know what types of grades is he or she getting? Students with higher grades generally pay less. If you haven’t had ticket or accident in more than three years this can be very good news for you. Most insurance companies will reward you for this with lower premiums.When your policy comes in the mail don’t toss it in the drawer, go through it and, make sure that you understand how they determined your premium for the policy. It doesn’t hurt to shop around for better rates. All it takes is a quick phone call. When you do this make sure you have your policy renewal in front of you so you’ll know exactly what your coverage amounts are.